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Workshop Offerings

(In Person or Online) Not sure if your class can meet in person? No worries, an in person class can always be moved to online. 


Add a Performance to any workshop experience as an exciting way culminate the learning the ensemble has done in class to a student show on stage. This can also be a great way to create ticket sales!  


Book any workshops as single day workshop or delve even deeper with multi day training! 


Improv 101

An exciting introduction to improvisation! Experience the fundamentals of improvisation through play and games! See how these fundamentals transfer just as much off stage as on stage! A great workshop for building ensemble, team, and trust. 


Improv for Confidence and Communication

Many individuals have taken class with Jonny as a fun and exciting way to work on building communication and confidence. If improv sounds scary, it's not. It's actually just a load of fun and can be great for building confidence and communication skills for the workplace and life. 


Creating the Show!

This workshop or series of workshops are intended to culminate in a show! Practice is fun but there is nothing like getting to apply what you’ve learned to the stage. Jonny will happily work with the ensemble to develop a stylized show, get you stage ready, and provide notes and feedback! Shows can be short form, long form, or even written sketch comedy!


Character Development

This workshop delves into the joy of character development. When you know “who” you are in the scene suddenly all your scenes become so much easier to navigate. Loose the script that your trying to write in your head and find the scene easily by navigating it with a fun compelling Character. 


Finding The Funny

How the heck is anyone supposed to come up with a joke in the moment? That’s too stressful! This workshop will teach you ways to find the funny organically by bringing to the table your unique sense of humour as well as how to help you identify the comedic patterns and the game! 


Whimsey and Play

Let go of control and lose yourself to the joy of whimsey and play. Don’t plot and calculate your way through your scene. Follow the fun! There is nothing quite as lovely as turning your brain “off” for a bit!


Finding the elusive "What"

"OK lights up… so, start a scene!" "Great, so what the heck should I be talking about?!" This workshop focuses on ways to build confidence in how to find the elusive what of the scene… rather than just hoping you will luckily say something entertaining it if you talk enough. 


Long From

You’ve got the basics, now build out an impressive show where you and your ensemble use nothing more than a single suggestion to build a non stop 10-60 min performance! Going from the mirco to the marco and keeping track of everything is a tall order, this workshop will help equip you to make that leap and look at the big picture. 


Personalized Notes

Get personalized feedback as an individual performer or as an improv team!


Tailor Made Workshops and Coaching (Based on your groups wishes)

What does your group want to work on? Lets chat and I’ll personalize the workshop to your needs.


Let's make this happen! Any questions please reach out. Rates are competitive 

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