Jonny has been performing improvisation and sketch comedy for 15 years at many theaters including iO, The Second City’s Training Center, and Comedy Sportz. He has been teaching improvisational comedy and sketch writing at The Second City in Chicago for the last seven years, and has also taught for, Comedy Sports, Depaul University as part of The Theater School’s Summer Highschool Training Program. As an instructor at The Second City, Jonny teaches classes in long and short form improvisation, advanced improv, improv for anxiety, improv for Parkinson's, improv for actors, and youth improv and comedy writing classes. He has also served as the director for many of the Second City's Youth and Teen Ensembles as well as guest teaches at many Chicago Schools. 

    Outside of Chicago, Jonny has guest taught for theaters in Amsterdam, Brussels, Oslo, Antwerp, Bucharest, Dallas, The New Jersey performing Arts Center, and The Kennedy Center. In addition to theaters, Jonny teaches improv workshops for business and has taught at many places including LinkedIn, The Federal Passport Agency, and Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. Jonny would love to come and provide a fun and exciting workshop for your team, theater, school, or business. 

Intro to Long Form Improv 
Wed 7p-9p, 9/9/2020-10/14/2020
Class held online
I'm very excited to offer this class. With many popular improv theaters closing. I wanted to be able to offer the chance for students to still study and take their improv training to the next level. If you have ever taken any improv courses before in improv basics or short form, the move to Long From is a VERY exciting new step. Most all of the comedy improv legends were trained in long form. The majority of us finding it even more exciting and rewarding than short form (i.e the standard improv you find in Whose Line is It Anyway). In long form improvisation you and an ensemble spontaneously generate full length shows based of a simple suggestion.  Your creativity, ability to collaborate, be in the moment, and find your voice become even more developed in Long Form improvisation
P.S. If your hesitant about the online formatt. I get it. I was too, but I have been excited to find that the opportunity to laugh, be creative, learn something new, and collaborate far outweigh the issues like "Greg, you're on mute!" and I found it's a much better option than putting creativity, laughing, and learning on pause something which we can all certainly use right now.  



Improv for Businesses ​
    Jonny will come to your place of work and teach the concepts of creativity, communication, and teamwork through the fun of improvisation.
Improv Institutions​ & TEAMS
    As a teacher and performer, Jonny understands a performers’ constant desire to take their abilities to the next level. He brings with him years of teaching, directing, and performing experience originating in the Chicago area and expanding to across the globe. For this reason, he has developed a series of workshops specifically designed to push the Advanced Improviser.
Advanced Training
    Do your students already know the basics? Are they looking to dive deeper?
In advanced training sessions, participants will be challenged to take their performing to the next level. As a performer, you will receive specific, personalized feedback designed to get you out of your performance comfort zone.
Advanced Training focuses on...
  • Scene Work

  • Playing your comedic sensibility

  • Finding the game and following the fun

  • Creating strong characters

  • Structures and Forms: Developing your own long form pieces

Some Places Jonny Has Taught​...

  • The Second City

  • Comedy Sportz

  • Depaul University

  • LinkedIn

  • The Kennedy Center D.C.

  • New Jersey Performing Art Center

  • Standing Ovations Dallas

  • Chicago Public Schools

  • Private Schools

  • Toyen Impro in Oslo

  • Tag Out Theater in Amsterdam

  • Inlight Center Bucharest

  • Dev Boot Camp

  • Public and Private Schools

  • Chicago's D.C.A.S.E